What makes BASIS International Schools stand out?

Our teachers are subject experts and passionate educators.

BASIS International teachers have degrees in the subjects they teach. Many of those are advanced degrees, and many of our teachers have also worked professionally in their chosen fields. Since many have spent their adult lives studying a subject they love, they're passionate about what they teach.

Our schools are among the best in the world.

The average BASIS student not only outperforms the typical U.S. student, they also score higher than their global peers in Shanghai, Finland, and Singapore—countries and regions which are noted for having the best education in the world.

Our curriculum fuels creative thinking and problem solving.

We provide an accelerated and rigorous curriculum to help prepare students for today's workforce. Each grade focuses on building two core skills: the organization of complex tasks and the productive management of limited time.

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Find your passion.

BASIS professionals include recent graduates, lifetime educators, career changers, scientists, economists, artists, academics, analysts, designers, engineers. At our core is a common mission: BASIS.ed is redefining education and leading the U.S. and the world into producing breathtaking learning results. Whether you are an educator or not, here is your chance to provide students with choices and unbounded opportunities.

Find your place.

BASIS Curriculum Schools is a dynamic American educational network that manages world quality schools in three complementary markets: free, open-enrollment public charter schools and tuition-based domestic and international private schools. Whether you work at a school or regional office, you join a team committed to our mission to redefine education across the globe.