BASIS International & Bilingual Schools Wuhan

BASIS International & Bilingual Schools Wuhan opened in fall 2023. Our first campus in Hubei province, faculty and students enjoy state of the art facilities, including spacious classrooms, gymnasiums, multiple performance spaces, science labs, a swimming pool, student dorms, and much more. The school opened with Grades Pre-K – 9 to begin, and will grow to become a Pre-K – Grade 12 school.

Wuhan is the capital of Hubei province and offers many scenic sites along the confluence of the Han and Yangtze rivers. It is in the very heart of China, roughly equidistant from Beijing in the north and Guangzhou in the south. There are many famous sites in and near the city, such as a Yuan-dynasty temple, the Hubei Provincial Museum, Yellow Crane Tower, Yangtze River Bridge and more.

BASIS International & Bilingual School Wuhan Head of School Dan Schneider
From the Head of School

Schools are responsible for transforming our next generation into the future caretakers of the world. BASIS International & Bilingual Schools Wuhan is a community-minded school focused on enriching the lives and opportunities of the students, families, and faculty who are a part of it.

Educating the treasured minds of our youth is one of the greatest endeavors one could seek out and one I feel I was personally called to. And when one is seeking out treasure, it helps to have a map to give guidance and direction. As the old adage goes, “X marks the spot” and I have several marks of excellent teaching and learning that I hope to inform the culture and practice at BASIS International & Bilingual Schools Wuhan.

Excitement, Expectations, Experimentation, Expansion, and Exchange are the keys to our culture and practice. Excitement to be in school from both students and faculty. Clear expectations facilitate the greatest amount of learning. School should be a haven for students and faculty to experiment in their studies and practice knowing they are supported in their efforts. We can always do better through learning, organization, continual reflection of our practice, and dialogue. Finally, magic happens when teachers talk. Whether it is through informal discussions over lunch, a quick chat in the hallway, or through organized professional learning communities—teachers collaborating improves student outcomes by opening the door to new ideas and perspectives.

To summarize, if you feel called to teaching and are seeking new opportunities, I encourage you to look into BASIS International & Bilingual Schools Wuhan, it may just be the next destination you were looking to grow your career.

Dan Schneider
Founding Head of School
BASIS International & Bilingual Schools Wuhan

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from the Founding Head of School