Primary School Teaching

A unique approach to primary school teaching
Primary school teaching at BASIS International Schools provides passionate educators the opportunity to teach bright, motivated students and explore lessons and concepts which are usually at least one grade level ahead. Our curriculum and lessons focus on content mastery and ensuring student understanding through differentiation provided by our unique co-teaching model.

When joining the BASIS International Schools community, you will be provided with many avenues of support and training to ensure your success. You will participate in intensive training at the BASIS International Schools Summer Institute prior to the start of school, where you will learn more about the innovative BASIS Curriculum, systems we use, and how our schools achieve academic excellence. You will also be able to develop relationships with other teachers across our network, both in your subject and others, and become a part of our community of talented, curious, and interesting educators from around the world.
teacher training
New Teacher Training & Support
We strive to provide outstanding support to our new teachers as they join our educational community. As a new BASIS International Schools teacher, prior to the start of school, you will join us for a week of intensive training at the BASIS International School Summer Institute. There you will learn more about implementing the BASIS Primary Model, our innovative curriculum, and how BASIS International Schools inspire--and achieve--academic excellence.

Read our blog for more about the Summer Institute experience.