Secondary School Teaching

Join our team of experienced middle and high school educators
Secondary school teaching at BASIS International Schools provides subject matter expert teachers the opportunity to teach bright, motivated students and explore lessons and concepts not usually found at the middle and high school level. Our students have consistently achieved outstanding results on a variety of AP exams, and admission to many of the top colleges and universities around the world, including Princeton, Oxford, MIT, University of Toronto, Imperial College London, Duke, Cornell, and numerous others.

When joining the BASIS International Schools community, you will be provided with many avenues of support and training to ensure your success. You will participate in intensive training at the BASIS International Schools Summer Institute prior to the start of school, where you will learn more about the innovative BASIS Curriculum, systems we use, and how our schools achieve academic excellence. You will also be able to develop relationships with other teachers across our network, both in your subject and others, and become a part of our community of talented, curious, and interesting educators from around the world.

Subject Areas

Our secondary school teachers are subject matter experts, often with multiple advanced degrees in their field. The accelerated BASIS Curriculum provides experienced teachers the opportunity to go deeper into their field of expertise than many other schools.
Sciences Beginning in middle school, students take all three of the major science disciplines-biology, chemistry, and physics--and begin laying the foundation for advanced study and AP courses in high school.
Mathematics While many schools are teaching Algebra in high school, BASIS International Schools students take Algebra in middle school, with many students progressing to post-AP courses by the end of high school.
English English instruction at our schools goes well beyond basic language skills and dives deep in grammar, reading comprehension, and writing process. Our teachers are able to select texts and materials that will connect most with their students, and guide instruction effectively.
Humanities Beginning in middle school, students take World History and Geography to develop their understanding of major events in history and why they happened. Students then progress to Economics, AP history courses, and humanities electives--allowing our teachers to cover in-depth topics not normally found at the secondary level.
Arts As part of our goal of creating well-rounded learners, all of our students participate in the arts. Theatre, visual art, and music are all important aspects of our curriculum, with numerous students attending arts colleges post-graduation.
Physical Education Physical andhealth education is important for all students, and our PE teachers are able to cover a variety of sporting skills and health topics, while also having coaching opportunities in many sports.
ELL Support For many of our students, English is a second language. This is why we also have a team of ELL specialists at each of our schools to help support teachers with students who may need additional help, and provide assistance with ELL best practices in the classroom. 
College Counseling College counseling begins in early high school and progresses through the years with workshops, guidance on selecting the correct school, essay writing, and more.
teacher training
New Teacher Training & Support
We strive to provide outstanding support to our new teachers as they join our educational community. As a new BASIS International Schools teacher, prior to the start of school, you will join us for a week of intensive training at the BASIS International School Summer Institute. There you will learn more about our innovative curriculum, collaborate with other teachers, and how BASIS International Schools inspire--and achieve--academic excellence.

​​​​​​​Learn more about the BASIS Summer Institute on our blog.