Why Teach with BASIS International Schools?

What Makes a Career with
​​​​​​​BASIS International Schools Unique?

Successful & Growing Network

Be part of our growing global network of schools, and enjoy opportunities for career growth and advancement.

Academic Culture

We are raising the bar for international education with the same BASIS Curriculum that has produced some of the top schools in the United States.

Our Teachers are Trusted Subject Experts & Passionate Educators

Our teachers are treated as true professionals and encouraged to bring their own passions and interests into the classroom.

Highly Engaged Students

Our students are highly engaged and focused, while at the same time creative and curious. They are a joy to teach!

Support for Teachers During COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the globe, schools were forced to close, teachers and students quarantined, and some teachers were unable to return to the country where they were teaching. BASIS International Schools has stood out among schools in caring for our teachers!
  • We proactively provided our teachers priority access to healthcare, delivered food to teachers' apartments, provided transportation to medical facilities, and provided ways for teachers to stay virtually connected with colleagues, family, and students.
  • Teachers received assistance in coordinating immediate flights to ensure their safe return prior to travel restrictions. Teachers were also given assistance in navigating quarantine requirements and provided with enhanced support for their families upon returning.
  • New teachers with contracts beginning in the upcoming school year were not only guaranteed their positions while they waited to enter China, but were also provided with global healthcare coverage and funding to see them through the waiting time until they arrived in China to teach.