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BASIS in Thailand

BASIS Curriculum Schools is the gold-standard American PK -3 to 12th grade educational network. There are 31 BASIS Curriculum Schools across the United States and China, including private schools in Silicon Valley, New York City, Northern Virginia and Shenzhen. BASIS Curriculum Schools are ranked among the top ten schools in the United States by US News, and our schools outperform the schools in Shanghai, China and in Singapore, the world’s top-performing regions on OECD PISA (Organization for Economic Co–operation and Development Program for International Student Assessment).

BASIS International School Bangkok will open in August 2019. This will be the only school in Bangkok to offer the BASIS Curriculum, our unique academic program that runs from PK-3 to 12th grade and has a proven record of giving students access to the Ivy League and the top 25 universities and colleges in the United States of America. The mission of BASIS International School Bangkok is to raise the standards of Thai Education to the highest international levels, and prepare our students to be participants, not spectators, in the 21st century world of commerce and innovation.

BASIS International School Bangkok is building a team of highly-talented passionate and hardworking professionals to ensure our students receive the best education in the world. Join us in opening the best school in Thailand!