Primary School Teaching

Where Subject and Learning Expertise Meet

A Unique Approach to Primary School Teaching

The BASIS Primary Model solves one of the biggest challenges in elementary education: homeroom teachers having to prepare and teach multiple subject lessons, every day. When one teacher is responsible for not only preparing multiple lessons each day, but also for grading assignments and other administrative tasks, the quality of the instruction is compromised, or the ability to elevate the learning of each student is sacrificed because of the lack of time to do it all.

The BASIS Curriculum Primary Model is revolutionizing elementary education by incorporating two key aspects of the widely successful BASIS Curriculum: subject expertise and student-focused development.

Are you passionate about a particular subject? Do you want to focus on teaching the subject you love most? The BASIS International Schools Subject Expert Teacher (SET) role allows subject-matter experts to dive deeper into single-subject lesson planning without having to worry about other subjects.

Does your passion focus more on meeting and supporting individual student needs? The BASIS International Schools Learning Expert Teacher (LET) role supports the differentiated needs of students to accelerate learning at all levels.

How the BASIS Curriculum Primary Model Works

In grades 1-4 , students move from subject to subject, similar to what you might see in a middle school environment. Each classroom is co-taught by a SET content expert and a LET pedagogy specialist.

The Subject Expert Teacher (SET) specializes in one subject, and each day, prepares one subject-focused lesson for that grade, rather than four or five separate subject lessons. These lessons are rich in content and deep in insight, because the SET is able to dedicate time and thought into preparing one great lesson with the most effective instructional methods for students’ comprehension.

Each Learning Expert Teacher (LET) works with only one section of students and travels with their class from subject to subject, guiding them through the school day. The role of the LET is to teach students the skills necessary for their academic and personal development, which includes study and organizational skills, critical thinking, social interaction standards, and models the intellectual curiosity we want our students to develop. Each LET partners with the SET in classroom management and student differentiation so the students are on task closer to 100 percent of the time, and the SET is able to spend their time and energy teaching the subject they know and are passionate about.

New Teacher Training & Support

We strive to provide outstanding support to our new teachers as they join our educational community. As a new BASIS International Schools teacher, prior to the start of school, you will join us for a week of intensive training at the BASIS International Schools Summer Institute. There you will learn more about implementing the BASIS Primary Model, our innovative curriculum, and how BASIS International Schools inspire—and achieve—academic excellence.

During your first year teaching with us, you will also be part of a peer-mentoring program led by some of our experienced teachers and school managers. We also invite all BASIS International Schools teachers to collaborate with their peers and contribute to the evolution of the BASIS Curriculum through online sharing of best lesson plans and syllabi.