BASIS International School Guangzhou

BASIS International School Guangzhou

The second BASIS International School in China, BASIS International School Guangzhou, opened in August 2017. Almost 400 students in grades Kindergarten – 9 attended the first year, and the school has grown to its capacity of approximately 1,200 students in grades Pre-K – 12. It is also the first BASIS International School to offer a weekday boarding program. The school has enjoyed many academic and artistic successes in its first four years, including a 1st place finish by the Economics team in the 2019 global round of the National Economics Challenge, as well as upper school drama students receiving the first ever National Directors Award for producing dramatic work that has never been seen before at a high school level in China.

The school celebrated its first graduating class in 2021, with graduates receiving acceptances to many top universities around the world, including University of Oxford, Cornell University, Imperial College London, University of Toronto, and many others.

Set in a suburb of Guangzhou, the campus offers a friendly atmosphere just outside one of China’s largest cities, with easy access to numerous restaurants, shopping complexes, as well as historic sites in the greater Guangzhou area. The school offers spacious classrooms, sports facilities for soccer, basketball, and track activities, indoor play area, library, Apple computer lab, theater, cafeteria, and boarding facilities for more than 450 students.

From the Head of School

BASIS International School Guangzhou is a full and vibrant Pre-K to Grade 12 campus. We opened in 2017 as the second BASIS campus in China, and we are now preparing our second full class of graduates (and bracing for their departure). Going into our fifth year, we have the ideal balance of a well-developed and vibrant school culture and community with the flexibility and growth of a young campus.

The students at BASIS International School Guangzhou are eager for the opportunities available and support necessary to achieve their ambitious academic goals. We have a rigorous academic program that provides these opportunities, but we have also developed individualized academic support and a holistic vision of success that picks students up when they struggle and promotes a healthier balance between academic rigor and social and emotional development. We sincerely believe that for both teachers and students, we can only ask you to take on challenge and take intellectual risks if we also provide a solid foundation and structure for support.

While much fanfare is made of our impressive academic results, we truly thrive in our campus life and extracurricular programs. Our arts and music programs and our student activities deserve a lot of credit for this. Throughout the year, you are likely to see flocks of paper cranes floating in the hallways, pop-up chandeliers of repurposed materials, outdoor Shakespeare productions, faculty v. student Quiz Bowl, see our lobby transformed into a lounge for an evening of jazz, or listen to our string ensemble perform Irish jigs while faculty and students nibble on homemade Irish soda bread. Teachers everywhere work hard. This is also true on our campus, but we strive for new ways to express ourselves and accompany each other on the journey past significant milestones in childhood and school development. It is a lot of work, but it is an energizing place to be.

You can also count on a team of peer educators who is proactive, dedicated, and experienced. Our faculty vary from incredibly deep content knowledge with PhDs in their areas of study who infuse their lessons with passion and industry experience, to career educators who have made it their business to master the craft of the classroom. We leverage the skills of both in our learning community – if this sounds like a community that you would like to be a part of, please reach out.

We look forward to the years, growth, and graduations ahead of us.

Dr. Erica Smeltzer
Head of School
BASIS International School Guangzhou

Living in Guangzhou


BASIS International School Guangzhou is in a suburb outside of Guangzhou with lots of green spaces, lush rolling hills, and numerous paths to walk, jog or cycle. Our teachers and staff enjoy the campus and the area’s peaceful, green environment. Guangzhou is a diverse city with several foreign consulates (including a U.S. Consulate), in the city center (about a 45 minute car ride away from the school). This cultural diversity means you’ll find good restaurants from around the world, most delivering meals to your door.

In addition, several modern malls with entertainment, dining, and movie theaters around the city, Chimelong’s Safari Park, Paradise Park and Circus will keep your weekends busy. Guangzhou and its neighbor Dongguan are considered the manufacturing capital of China, so there is a large wholesale market area in the city where you can find lots of bargains if you’re in the mood to hunt. But when you desire a change in scenery, a bullet train can have you in Hong Kong in about an hour.

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