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BASIS International Schools in Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand is the newest location for BASIS International Schools. Our high performing network consistently has schools ranked among the top ten schools in the United States, and our international schools continue to raise the bar in international education, with over two dozen students qualifying for the World Scholars’ Cup Global Round in the last two years.

BASIS International School Bangkok opened in August 2019. This new location opens up exciting new cultural and educational opportunities for BASIS International School teachers. Thailand is rich in culture, history, and beauty, and we are excited to bring the BASIS Curriculum to such an exciting and inspiring location. Our teachers and staff enjoy a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility with nearby housing, shopping, and cultural activities.

From the Head of School

BASIS International School Bangkok entered its third year of operation in August 2021. As you would imagine--an especially challenging period for any school--let alone a new one! Nevertheless, very happily, the admission numbers have perpetually risen regardless of hefty periods of online learning! Twenty-three new babes joined us in January--pretty amazing!

As the only BASIS International School in Thailand, it joins the ranks of a number of excellent international schools in Bangkok--but, of course, offers a number of uniquenesses. Conceivably the greatest being the teaching model throughout the primary school wherein there are two international teachers in every class and, of course, the utilization of the unique BASIS Curriculum. With the exception of Thai Language and Culture, the children follow exactly the same model as their peers in the BASIS Independent Schools within the USA. So, it really is an academically demanding school, especially with the majority of children having English as their second language.

The school building is a testimony to the owners' tremendous attention to detail and desire to be the best. It is an amazingly well-specified campus with huge playing fields, two swimming pools--and even the air conditioning system is pretty exclusive--as it normally is reserved for us in hospital operating theatres! The latter has been a boon through these days when we are so conscious of good air quality. I would urge any reader to take a look at the pictures of the campus online--you will not be disappointed.

Bangkok is, of course, one of the most vibrant cities in the world. It has long established links with both Europe and the USA. Hence, a utopia for epicureans and shoppers. The weather alternates between balmy heat in the winter to very hot in the summer--punctuated with a short (and still hot!) rainy season. If you are travelling here--do not waste valuable space by packing a coat! The city is also the best "jump-off" point for travelers who wish to explore lush and exotic enclaves--of which, Thailand boasts many--let alone, the nearby countries of Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Cambodia.

BASIS International School Bangkok is clearly an attractive destination to many expatriate teachers. In consequence, we are able to assemble a superlative academic team. The school is clearly growing, whilst Thailand is increasingly relaxing the protocol for entry. Thai people are rather amazing, warm, caring--whilst Thai culture puts teachers at the apex of respect. Hence, anybody who feels they have the interest, commitment, and professionalism to join us is encouraged to step forward!

Best wishes,

Alan Wilkinson
Head of School
BASIS International School Bangkok