BASIS International School Nanjing

Providing our Students with a Transformative Early Childhood and K-12 Education.

BASIS International School Nanjing

Opened in September 2019, BASIS International School Nanjing serves students in grades Pre-K through 11, and will expand until it reaches a capacity of 1,200 students In grades Pre-K through 12. The school’s facilities include top-of-the-line classrooms, sport courts, track and field, heated indoor swimming pool, auditorium, Apple computer lab, and a multipurpose activity center.

From the Head of School

Thank you for your interest in BASIS International School Nanjing. If you're a well-qualified, enthusiastic, and dedicated educator with a passion for teaching and learning, we look forward to speaking with you and sharing about our school.

We are looking for talented educators who enjoy the important work of teaching children. We seek energetic people who go out of their way to go the extra mile for and with their students, who have an in-depth knowledge of and passion for the subject they teach, and who are willing to contribute to our school's extracurricular activities and overall community. Essentially, we are keen to appoint educators who have a positive and solution-focused attitude and will thrive on the challenges and rewards of working in a new school--though one that is part of a successful and established network.

Together, we will build a vibrant school culture that engages students and helps them learn to love learning. Achievements (whether big or small) will be both appreciated and celebrated. In addition, joy and laughter will be present in the daily life of our campus. We envision a collegial and collaborative workplace that promotes strong camaraderie among all staff, while building meaningful relationships on trust and understanding. We will construct a shared sense of belonging and purpose, ultimately creating the school of choice in Nanjing. The successful educators at our school will be reflective practitioners who are always looking for ways to improve and who are consistently willing to engage in quality conversations with colleagues about pedagogy.

One of the most attractive reasons for teaching at BASIS International School Nanjing is the opportunity to explore China. Nanjing is connected to all major domestic cities—meaning you can take high-speed bullet trains to Beijing (3-4 hours), Shanghai (1-2 hours), and Suzhou (2-3 hours). In addition, Nanjing Lukou International Airport has 135 domestic air routes and about 25 international air routes to far-flung places like Bali, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, and Thailand.

We look forward to a new year in a new school and hope you are as excited as we are about the opening of BASIS International School Nanjing.

Dr. Mark Starbuck
Head of School
BASIS International School Nanjing

Our Campus

Living in Nanjing


Nanjing is one of China's most culturally vibrant cities. The walled city has numerous museums and temples to explore, but don't mistake that for it being stuck in the past. It has Asia's largest high-speed rail station that can get you to cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Chongqing, Xiamen, and Shenyang within a few hours. The closest tier-one city, Shanghai, is 1.5 hours away by bullet train making it an easy weekend getaway. The nearby Purple Mountain offers a multitude of hiking and scenic walks just outside the city.

The school is located within a 15-minute walk to the modern metro, which offers clean, reliable, low-cost transportation to the entire city. One metro stop away is one of the city's largest malls with an imported-goods section, and around the school's nearest metro stop are several restaurants offering Asian and Western choices.

The school is tucked into a growing area of the city, and our neighborhood has several parks and outdoor recreational areas. But we're just a 30-minute Didi car ride (think Uber, but less expensive) from the city center. And like most of China, you can have restaurant meals, groceries, household items, and clothing delivered to your door quickly and for either no cost or the equivalent of a few U.S. dollars.

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