BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour

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BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour

Overlooking the South China Sea’s Xiaojing Bay, BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour is nestled in the hills of a master-planned beach community in the municipality of Huizhou. The campus opened in 2018 to students in grades 5–9, and will expand each year until it offers courses through grade 12. Park Lane Harbour is the second BASIS International School to offer boarding. The total boarding capacity is 800, with a total student capacity of 1,200.

The serene campus has excellent facilities, including state-of-the-art classrooms, soccer field and track, gymnasium, basketball and tennis courts, indoor heated swimming pool, expansive library, Apple computer lab, cafeteria, black-box theater, auditorium, and boarding facilities for students. The school offers teachers a convenient on-campus apartment complex with studio, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom apartments to meet each teacher’s family needs.

BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour is close to the beach, numerous restaurants, coffee shops, and a forthcoming IMAX movie theater. The area offers numerous outdoor activities, including beautiful bike and hiking trails, sailing, paddle-boarding, jet-skiing, and swimming. Park Lane Harbour also offers easy access to the cities of Huizhou, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong.

From the Head of School

Thank you for taking the time to review the unique characteristics of each of our BASIS International Schools locations are you consider which school might be a good fit for you. I would like to share with you a few of the things that make our school in Park Lane Harbour unique and special.

BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour does not feel so much like a school as it does a community. The faculty, staff, and students are very welcoming and in many ways, it is like joining a new family. It is obvious everyone feels a great sense of pride in the school and that care is the operative word here. It is exciting to be around people who feel so positive and optimistic about where they work and go to school.

Although almost every school will state that it is their students that make them special, this appears to be especially true for BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour. From the time that I have spent visiting classrooms, I am struck with how driven the students are to achieve academically. In this way, they truly are a joy to teach and in turn help to make our classrooms wonderful learning environments.

We are very lucky to be a boarding program, for not only does it allow students to extend their learning time on campus, but also limits the number of distractions the students have with regards to their learning. In the evenings the campus is still a beehive of activity, with students participating in After School Activities, extra study sessions, or playing with friends.

The teaching staff are very committed to the mission of the school. It is obvious that all the teachers at BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour are here because they want to make a difference in students’ lives. Living in Park Lane Harbour can be rather difficult as it is so isolated. Therefore, to thrive in this environment, one must really enjoy and be committed to one’s work as there are not a lot of other things to do. Park Lane Harbour teachers love teaching and thrive here because teaching students nourishes them.

Our campus is unique and beautiful. I have been either employed at or have visited many international schools in my 26 year overseas career. In this time, I have never visited a healthier school in terms of air quality, surrounding beauty, space, facilities, and location.

BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour is such a wonderful school, and I look forward to leading us to becoming the finest boarding school in all of China.

Mark Lewis
Head of School
BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour

Our Campus and Location

Living in Park Lane Harbour (Huizhou)


BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour is located in a beachside, planned community along the coast of Xiaojing Bay just north of Shenzhen and south of the town of Huizhou--a modern town with a white-sand beach that offers numerous trails for walking, hiking and cycling. BASIS International School Park Lane Harbour is a sprawling, green campus with numerous athletic facilities in and out doors. The community is a growing enclave with a small grocery market and several restaurants near the coastline within walking distance to the school.

Restaurants near the school include: Tai Hing for Hong Kong food, Mu Wu Barbecue, Ju’s Fusion Restaurant, Yoshidoya for Japanese fast food, Pezzo for Italian Cuisine, Honeymoon Desert, Pacific Coffee, and a Bakery. There are various agencies for apartment rentals, bicycle shop, watersport rentals, and a Sisyphe book store where you can find English books. High Street is still expanding, and it is very easy to get around the area.

Huizhou is relatively peaceful and calm compared to other big cities and metropolis in China. There are a couple of places for people who especially prefer nature to visit in Huizhou, including: West Lake, Huizhou Xunliao Bay, Honghua Lake Water Park and Daya Bay. Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet and China Highlights are three popular travel websites that offer more information on Huizhou.

It’s a little over an hour’s drive to Shenzhen and the Hong Kong border from BASIS International Park Lane Harbour. So, the big city is an easy weekend getaway from our peaceful beachside town.

More information on living in Park Lane Harbour: