Primary School Teaching

Where Subject and Learning Expertise Meet

A Unique Approach to Primary School Teaching

BASIS International Schools utilizes a unique primary school model where two teachers lead the classroom—focusing on different aspects of the learning process. Each classroom in Grades 1-4 has a Learning Expert Teacher (LET) and a Subject Expert Teacher (SET). Subject Expert Teachers are able to focus on creating deep, content-rich lessons in one subject, conveying their own interest and passion for their filed to their students. The Learning Expert Teacher focuses on the unique needs of each individual student to cultivate a love of learning and develop the skills necessary to succeed in an academic environment.

Learning Expert Teacher

The Learning Expert Teacher works with one section (up to 25 students) and travels from classroom to classroom with their students for each subject. The LET possesses a thorough knowledge of effective pedagogical approaches and focuses on differentiated learning techniques for each student, evaluating student progress, and helping to make connections between subjects to ensure student understanding.

Subject Expert Teacher

One of the founding principles of the BASIS Curriculum is allowing educators with knowledge and expertise to teach the subject they are passionate about in their own way, guided by the BASIS Curriculum and its high standards. The SET prepares one subject-focused lesson for each grade, rather than four or five different subject lessons every day. This allows the SET to spend more time preparing lessons that energize both the teacher and students, increasing engagement and learning outcomes.

New Teacher Training & Support

As a new BASIS International teacher, you will participate in intensive training at the BASIS International Summer Institute. There you will learn more about the BASIS Primary Model, our innovative BASIS Curriculum, and how BASIS International Schools inspire—and achieve—academic excellence.

In your first year, you will also be a part of a peer-mentoring program led by experienced teachers and on-site managers. We also invite all BASIS International School teachers to collaborate with their peers and contribute to the evolution of the BASIS Curriculum through online sharing of best lesson plans and syllabi.