Careers in
Non-Teaching Staff

A School is More Than a Classroom

Individuals who understand that managing an ambitious and innovative educational community requires an analyst, motivator, enforcer, counselor, mentor, organizer and dedicated advocate, amongst many other proven leadership qualities.

That’s the kind of professionals BASIS International Schools put in charge of providing the best possible educational experience at each of our schools. Head of School? Head of Operations? School Director? It’s time to put your expertise to the test in a challenging, rewarding environment. Students, teachers, staff and parents are depending on the support of leaders like you.

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Thoughts from our teachers

The culture at BASIS Global allows me to optimize my teaching time. With the support of the LET (learning expert teacher), I feel that I can get the most out of every minute of class time. And I feel like I'm really TEACHING.

Donna Merchant
Subject Expert Teacher

I worked in a public school for five years, and left because I felt frustrated I was told to do things in my classroom that I did not feel were the best use of my students' precious time. Today, my students are fully engaged in learning from bell to bell.

Alison Sterling
Learning Expert Teacher